About the contest

The Best of GateHouse annual contest highlights and rewards the most extraordinary journalism crafted by our newsrooms and recognizes our best newspapers and editor of the year.

“We expected to be impressed. We expected glowing praise from judges. But we didn’t expect the 2016 Best of GateHouse submissions would break records, shatter ceilings and #DoJournalismWithImpact with such ferocity.

This year, we received nearly double the entries than the previous year’s contest. You were proud of your work, and with good reason. Energized by expanding digital horizons, you challenged what was possible. You conducted bold experiments with an array of advanced storytelling tools, chased breaking news with zeal, and shook establishments to the core.

It was exceptionally painful this year to choose the best among you. Please join me in congratulating our winners and celebrating all our applicants.” – Senior Vice President of Content Bill Church

Entries are split by circulation into four divisions:

A: Dailies with 25 or more editorial employees

B: Dailies with 9-24 editorial employees

C: Dailies with 0-8 editorial employees

D: Newspapers publishing three or fewer times per week